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jungle juice platinum

30ml Jungle Juice Platinum
The largest Jungle Juice Platinum available.

Other sizes include both a 10ml and a 15ml bottles.

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Jungle Juice Platinum - Ingredients and legality

Jungle Juice Platinum is a more refined and purer version of Jungle Juice Plus!

Jungle juice Platinum and other brands of US legal liquid incense aromas such as Jungle Juice Plus use the family of nitrites as the active ingredient. This differs greatly from the Jungle Juice 'Poppers' sold in many European Countries which in fact use amyl nitrite.

Breathing in the formula of Jungle Juice Platinum will generally cause a relaxation of muscles including the vagina and prostate. Jungle Juice Platinum can also produce a feeling of heat and excitement that can result in increased pleasurable feelings.

Further reported effects of Jungle Juice Platinum include prolonged orgasms, increased sensitivity to stimulation and a general feeling of euphoria/well being.

Jungle Juice Platinum - Who uses it?

While gay men are the primary market for Jungle Juice Platinum many 'straight' or heterosexual partners are discovering the feeling you can get from Platinum Jungle Juice.

Jungle Juice Platinum is also heavily used in discos, dance clubs and other social party situations.

In short, Jungle Juice Platinum is no longer a 'gay' phenomenon. Many people across all sexual preferences and age groups use it regularly.

jungle juice plus

Jungle Juice Plus is a similiar blend and a sure-fire way to get any party rolling or to have an encounter with your favorite partner

You can buy Jungle Juice Plus here or visit the Jungle Juice Plus website.

Other types of 'Rush Poppers':

Jungle Juice Platinum - How do I use it?

Jungle Juice Platinum and other liquid aroma brands are not for direct inhalation or to be used as 'sex poppers'. They are intended to be used as a liquid incense or room odorizer. Jungle Juice Platinum proper use is to open the bottle and let the aroma permeate throughout the room. Direct and prolonged inhalation of Jungle Juice Platinum or using it as 'poppers' may result in severe headaches and dizziness.

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